WHEAL ROSE WINDSOR Chairs are handcrafted in the small village of Normanton-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, by chairmaker TOM PRIESTLEY. They are quality pieces of furniture, traditional in design and construction. They are made from Yew, Fruit Wood and Ash, all with Elm Seats, a sign of a true quality chair.
  WHEAL ROSE WINDSOR Chairs are handcrafted in the small village  of Normanton-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, by chairmaker   TOM PRIESTLEY.   They are quality pieces of furniture, traditional in  design and construction.   They are made from Yew, Fruit Wood and Ash,  all with Elm Seats, a sign of a true quality chair. 

Wheal Rose Low Back Windsors

These Chairs give both comfort and support on all accasions.

They make ideal dining or office chairs.   All of our Low Back Windsors have Elm Seats.



Low Back Amos Style Windsor


This Chair is made from Natural Yew.

It has an Amos Style Back Splat, Bent Underarm Supports and a Crinoline Stretcher.



Low Back, Rockley Style Windsor


This chair is made from Matured Yew.

It has an Ornate Rockley Style Splat, Ornately Turned Underarm Supports,

a Crinoline Stretcher and Inverted Bell Shaped Turned Legs.



Grantham Style Windsor


This Stick Back Chair is made from Matured Yew.

It has Bent Underarm Supports, a 'Bell' Shaped Seat and a Crinoline Stretcher.  Although classed as a Low Back, it is Slightly Higher than the Average.


Windsor Side Chairs


Both the Stick Back and the Splat Back Side Chairs are made from Matured Yew.

They both have Crinoline Stretchers and can be made to match any of the

Low Back Windsors.



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