WHEAL ROSE WINDSOR Chairs are handcrafted in the small village of Normanton-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, by chairmaker TOM PRIESTLEY. They are quality pieces of furniture, traditional in design and construction. They are made from Yew, Fruit Wood and Ash, all with Elm Seats, a sign of a true quality chair.
  WHEAL ROSE WINDSOR Chairs are handcrafted in the small village  of Normanton-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, by chairmaker   TOM PRIESTLEY.   They are quality pieces of furniture, traditional in  design and construction.   They are made from Yew, Fruit Wood and Ash,  all with Elm Seats, a sign of a true quality chair. 

Wheal Rose Windsors

We make a range of Items for that Special Gift for that Special Occasion -


Saddle Stool

This Stylish and Comfortable Stool is made from Matured Yew with a Burr Elm Seat.

It has a Cabriole Front Leg, Turned Back Legs, and a Crinoline Stretcher to a Turned Front Brace.

Foot Stools

These stools are made in Matured Yew with an Elm Seat.

They fit within a Crinoline or 'H' Stretcher.   Although a Foot Stool they have a Saddled Seat and are Strong enough to sit on. They are ideal as a Childs Stool.


A Selection of Bowls

These come in a variety of Shapes, Sizes and Different Woods,

no two being the same.


Coffee Table with Magazine Shelf.

This Table is made in Natural Yew and has a Beautiful Patterned Yew Top.


Childrens Windsors

These Chairs are made from Matured Yew.   One has an 'Amos' Style Splat and Bent Underarm Supports, the other a Christmas Tree Splat and Turned Underarm Supports.   Both have a Crinoline Stretcher.



Childs Windsor Rocker

This Chair is made from Stained Ash.   It has a Christmas Tree Style Splat, Turned Underarm Supports and a Crinoline Stretcher.


Wheal Rose Windsor Chairs


The Ultimate Gift for that Special Occasion.

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